It's Time to Wake Up Your Brand

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Do you and your comapny create the ultimate brand expereince for your customers? What are your favorite branding tools you use in your webinars?

Heavy social promotions for all our events. Multiple times. Use challnnels to also co promote.

The capability to brand your pages, consoles and e-mails is great. I'd like to see some stronger functionality there -- in the way of better registration page templates and e-mail templates -- but it's pretty good.

More generally, I think live events, webcasts, and videos breathe energy into your brand. You can do a lot to make your website compelling and interactive, including use of video, but there's something special about actual interaction with a presenter via video or audio.

We use a different header for each of the webcast series we do, all using the company name but differentiating slightly between the products. Looks fresh and new to the consumer, who might watch several of our webcasts a month.

We changed the look & feel of the audotproum where we host all our webinars and we are using the soacial channels to drive attenton and audience there.

We completely brand our console from head to toe with our branding. I think creating widget images that match your branding makes a big difference in the overall look of the console. It's also great to include branded pieces in your resources as well.

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Branding we use customised layout plus ensure logo is in video and slides

We do basic branding of our registraiton page but could do more. For our platform we do brand the background with color and logo's. We want to try creating branded widgets. We utilize the resource tabe with branded content. It seems like we are doing maybe 50% of what we could posisbly be doing and have some work to do to better set our branded experiences for our guests.

We branded our console and encourage people to use various widgets at the beginning of the presentation so they understand their options. We also try to streamline widgets so there aren't too many!

We've fully branded our console and widgets. Whenever we have a new report or link to use I request a new widget design from the brand team. It's a lot of fun to set up the console.

We sync with Marketo, and that allows us to do more customization. We do a little through on24, but mostly we customize with images and logos.

We extend the same theme image across all promotions, the presentation and the console

We also have branded our console pages and have different header images for each type of webinar that our design team create for us. Adding images of speakers and keeping registration page short and sweet.

We brand the webinar promotion, console and webinar content with similar look and feel to provide continuity in the campaign.

We have our graphic design team help ensure that our webinar templates are consistent with our branding used on our website and all materials.

We reach out to our marketing team for an image which represents the theme of the webinar and keep it consistent wherever it is promoted: on our website, social media, on the console, in emails etc.

In addition to customizing the buttons with our brand colors, we have our logo placed on the registration and lobby page, {along with our sponsors' logos}, and place our logo at the top of email reminders.

We began using a console image that is consistent with our brand and consistent with presentation slides as well, we are also looking at "slimming" down our events and having minimal widgets open at launch and providing the viewer the right tools to navigate the console themselves and create their own experience. I believe our viewer is smarter and more digitally savy then they have ever been

Love to customize colors and CTA buttons with our brand colors. I also upload our logo and make sure some of our top contnent offers are available for download.

We love to customize our dashboard to have our logo and branded colors, as well as resources that attendees can download!

We use our branding to brand tpromotion, console and webinar content and emails. Keep it all consistant.